KARACHI: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Friday denied one of a private airline’s plane travelling from Karachi to Islamabad was hit by a bird, ARY NEWS reported.

According to a spokesman of the CAA, a private airline’s flight, ER-500, travelling from Karachi to Islamabad encountered a problem after a windowpane of the plane’s cockpit broke in the mid-air.

“The plane was at 37,000 feet above the land when it happened,” the CAA said adding that the private airline’s report, however, did not mention anything about a bird hitting the plane.

“The air pressure in the cabin of the plane remained at a normal level despite a broken window pane,” he said adding the captain also did not seek any guidance during the landing process.

The spokesman further said that the CAA was taking measures to ensure safety during air travel.

A report on September 29 stated that the incidents of bird strikes are consistently increasing in Pakistan as four more aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) hit by birds at different airports during the last 24 hours.

An aircraft of the national carrier, PK-204, hit by a bird which caused damages to both engines. The Lahore-bound plane from Dubai was grounded for repair work by the administration.

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Two PIA planes have also hit by birds including PK-309 and PK-301. Both flights were arriving at Karachi airport from Islamabad. After being collided with the bird, damages on a wing of the aircraft, PK-309, were reported.

In another incident, a bird struck a PIA plane, PK-5739, while preparing to land at Multan airport from Jeddah.

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